Money, everybody wants it, most people need it! But the one question that many people will have to ask at some point in their lives - what are you willing to do for it? 

money bares the roots to everything

Most people work most of their lives in order to have the material things in life... but that’s after all the important things are first taken care of. But at the end of the day, after bills and stuff are paid for, what is left? Extra cash in the pocket goes a long way. It helps take off the edge of everyday living. But what are ways that you can make some extra cash?


Well it seems that for most people, the material things have to take a back seat, but for a few others though, getting into debt is one way they can have the creature comforts now - but this often leads into a loop that’s almost impossible to escape. Money, great if you can have plenty of it, but bares the roots to all evil if you’re willing to kill for it! 



So What Are Some “Honest” Ways To Make Money?

before the inception of the internet, making money was a simple case of selling empty drink bottles or aluminium cans, etc… But with the rise of the internet, so too were many money making opportunities a part of that - and if you got in early then, then you could be earning a ton today! But if you are just testing the waters, so to speak, then you may discover that opportunities are abundant but not as easy as it once were! 


I guess the most difficult obstacle to get through is the vastness of opportunities that are available. making a choice is impossible most of the time. You see, with so many opportunities abound, 98% of prospects want EASY and PLENTY! What that means is; almost everybody wants easy money and plenty of it, but seldom are they willing to do the work for it and that’s why there are so many people still looking at their choices, when they could have made a killing in the time! 


Making “easy” money takes some time, sweat and RISK! Well that last part is mainly, mostly - most people don’t like taking risks and even more so when it comes to cash. The risks involved for making money online, are almost 0. But without risk, nothing can be learned! 



Honest Ways On Making Money Online

When it comes to making money online, there are many - so rating from the best, are ways you can make money online…

  1. Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate marketing is the easiest way that a few are currently making a living from and fewer still, make in the 6 figures! But like most things, there are risks and affiliate marketing has its fair share of that, coming from both sides of the fence. If you can overcome most the obstacles that are often involved with affiliate marketing, then it shouldn’t be difficult at all to make a decent living from it. There are many fine details which you need to be aware of, if you want to be successful with this line of business - Too many to mention here, but more is explained on this page, here

  2. Online Surveys - Companies thrive on information on what makes people tick and surveys are a way that they can get this information. Businesses cannot compete well or sell their products, if they don’t know what you want. One way that companies can get this information is by issuing out surveys. The kind of information that companies seek is a cut throughout business and so agencies were set up as a portal to gather this information, or better known as consumer information. People just don’t answer surveys and get nothing in return, so as an incentive, cash is paid out to participants. The kinds of cash that can be earned, is in the range of $1 - $50 (per survey) and sometimes even more! Taking cash for surveys, is a good way to take care of small ongoing bills! You can read all the details on this page here

  3. Get Rich Quick Schemes - If you’re new to prospecting money making opportunities online, just be cautious of get rich quick schemes. I have earned a decent income in the past, but not without a heap of sweat and sometimes blood! Get rich quick schemes are not for everyone and in most cases, failure is the only outcome! Get rich quick schemes are probably the most difficult way to earn money. You can read more details here

  4. Lotteries - The lotteries can win you a heap of cash for relatively very low cash input. But as enticing as the jackpots are, winning it is close to impossible! But there is a a way - If you were going to have any real chance of winning the lottery, then you would have to buy multiple entries! The risk are very high because if you don’t win, you’ll lose a fair bit of cash. But there are ways that you could increase the chances of winning, but it’s not pretty… You can read more about it here… 

When it comes to whether you’ll be successful or not making money other than your day job, a good litmus test is the old discarded penny on the ground… Do you pick it up? Do still pick it up if people are watching you? Would you pick it up in front of a crowd? Those questions are relevant, because it gives you a measure of how important cash is to you! 

"Do you have what it takes to make tons of cash? Even the richest people on the planet have very humble beginnings, so what do you do when you pass a discarded penny?"