DMS -  About Us

Being extensive users of digital products ourselves, we have had our fair share of scam products over the years. We realised the definite need to rid of all the “bad” products and so apart from making money, we endeavour to provide you with the very best services available.


First of all, the most important question on everybody’s mind…


How do we make money? Well, as you probably know, the advertising industry is a very competitive one and media buys cost thousands to millions of dollars. Businesses lose a lot of money through their advertising campaigns and media buys and so the prices of products that you purchase is often inflated to make up for the advertising costs. That’s where we come in - By paying us a small cut of the profits, businesses can save thousands to millions of dollars; and those savings are passed on to you. It is the incentives that we receive from businesses is what allows us to excel in our chosen line of business. It doesn’t matter what product you buy, it is guaranteed, you would most likely pay the advertising costs for the vendor. It’s how they can exist and survive. In our line of business, the customer is not penalised on cost of a product, in order to offset the vendors bottom line. The vendor chooses us as the MOST cheapest way to get media traffic to their site. This enables them to sell their products at very cheap prices! Try buying a TV advertised product compared to one you can find online - you’ll be surprised on the price difference!


But things aren’t always rosy and often times it may be a better idea to visit a store than to buy online!


With lack of legislation, almost anyone can do this line of business and that’s where things can get real ugly. You see, individuals, without a registered business, can make money from this line of work and that opens the flood gates to a whole lot of scammers and bad reviews. My goal and objective, is to rid the internet of all the bogus products and impostors, to make the web a better place shop and get information - that’s my passion! 


And if you think; "how can I possibly review every product", then the answer is, I can’t! Not immediately anyway… But if it helps, here’s just some of things I’m really into: Electronic design, firmware coding, physics, mathematics, sport aesthetics, spirituality,, statistics mathematics, space exploration, robotics design, rover design, Artificial intelligence, science and basically, everything - well, I don’t like to make dresses! My days are kept very busy indeed, doing the things I love best. I have a small close knit team, that helps me in all aspects of running my business better. I enjoy the work I do, I hope you do too!